Derailing  your train of thought


The door is ajar, so come on in to the mind of Creacy.

The pics on this site are all photos I take of sculptures I make from found objects.  See the PunSculpture page for more about my Punsemblages.  The PunSculpture Gallery challenges you "name that pun" and provides more detail about individual works.   

FunSculptures are whimsical non-pun works.  Wearables are fun to wear.  As I grow as an artist, new and different creations will appear on these pages.

Shop tells you how to own a genuine Creacy pun sculpture, or a wearable Flytack, Tie Button, or set of Cuff Buttons.   Many of the images are also available on greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts, etc. 
I'd love to know what you think.  Write a comment in the You log, or Contact me. 

The site will get bigger and better as I create more work (and improve my site-building skills).  
Come back soon and see what's new.

If each visit brings a smile to your face, my goal as an artist has been accomplished.

I hope my work brings a little joy to this troubled world. 
Things are getting more and more insane, so I propose:

Mascots for a Crazy World

Bipolar Bears

But, can just a couple of us make a difference?

Yes twocan
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